All-In-One Eco Fashion Pieces Keep Growing

So, you guys know I’ve written several times about the movement of these “all-in-one” fashion pieces. They’re a relatively new phenomenon; if you haven’t heard of them, here’s the skinny: some designers are making clothing pieces that serve multiple uses. The idea is that you can wear one piece of clothing several (even hundreds of) different ways.

The perks?

First, you need fewer clothes in your closet. So, you’re consuming less because one piece can work for so many different outfits. Instead of having four black dresses, you have one. Instead of having three different blazers, you have one. Simple.

Another major benefit is that you these pieces force you to be creative. If you look at the post I wrote about The Uniform Project, you’ll see that their “one black dress” looks dramatically different, depending on the accessories you incorporate into the outfit. The dress can be a dress, of course, but it can also be a shirt, a blazer, a skirt…it’s amazing!

What I love about this whole “all in one” movement” is that these labels are pushing the envelope in what a piece of clothing can do. They’re redefining clothing, and their design, to get more out of less. I love it!

I saw on Treehugger this morning that there’s another small fashion line, Ultra,┬ámaking their own “all-in-one” pieces. The┬áline is called “The ULTRA 10“, and it’s truly creative.

Take a look…

Photos courtesy Ultra

These are just a sneak peek; the line doesn’t officially launch until May 21 (you can see more sneak peeks here). But the coolest part is that the whole ULTRA 10 line is made from eco-friendly organic cotton, bamboo, tencel, and recycled polyester.

What do you think? Could you trim down your wardrobe to rely more on one of these “all in one” pieces?

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