How to Green Your Summer Look

Shhh…can you hear it? It’s the delightful whispering of afternoons on the boardwalk, picnics and nighttime bike rides in bare feet. Yes, summer is finally almost here!

Chances are you’re looking forward to the dog days of summer just as much as I am. Already I’ve been out eying new shorts, sandals and tank tops for the season. Yay! At the same time, however, I want to keep my summer look as eco friendly as possible. So, how can you green up your own summer look?

1. Buy Used First

I said I’d been eying some new clothes for the hot weather ahead. But I should have said, “new to me” clothes, since I’ve been out combing thrift stores for my summer look. Not only is it way cheaper to buy used, it’s also 100% eco friendly. Win!

2. Buy Eco Friendly Second

If you do buy new, then look for clothes made out of eco friendly fabrics such as hemp, bamboo, or organic cotton.

3. Wear Eco Friendly Sandals

As of now, the only sandals I have are my trusty Chaco’s. So I’ve been looking for an eco friendly pair to fit the bill this summer.

It’s amazing the variety of things they can reuse and turn into sandals: old tires and old bike tubes, as well using eco friendly materials such as organic cotton and hemp.

So far, one of my favorite pair of eco friendly sandals is sold by ecoSandals. Take a look:

EcoSandals is awesome because they’re based in Nairobi, and rely on local, fair trade labor to hand make these sandals. The company is actually owned by the workers themselves, so they receive the biggest benefits. And, every pair of sandals is made with old tires and fabric scraps that otherwise would be thrown away.

4. Go with an Eco Friendly Beach Tote

Yes, it’s fun to have a bright colorful beach tote to hold your towel, swimsuit and paperback. So if you need to pick up a new one this year, why not go with an eco friendly handbag instead?

For instance, our Young and Fun Love Bag would make an awesome beach tote because it’s big, it’s slouch and it’s super easy to clean. It’s one of my favorite bags we have for the summer!

Last Word…

No matter what you’re doing this summer, try as much as you can to make eco friendly choices when it comes to your summer look. You’re likely to find a look that’s far more interesting, and make less of an impact on the environment at the same time. It’s a win-win!

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