You Will Want A Pair of These Eco Jeans. Really.

If you’ve tried to shop for jeans that are not made in a sweatshop, and made with organic and/or fair trade materials, then you know that they’re not easy to find sometimes. Unless you live in a fashion mecca like New York or Paris, you’re going to have the roll the dice and buy a [...]

Eco-Friendly Lips and Scents

You know what I love about summer (besides barefeet, tank tops, open windows, thunderstorms, Fudgecicles, summer dresses and lazy afternoons)?
I love summer scents, and summer lip gloss.
Every summer, it seems, has a theme. One scent, or one lip gloss, that I end up using every single day. And you know what happens come fall, or [...]

Fair Trade USA and Textile Exchange Join Forces

Yesterday, Fair Trade USA and Textile Exchange announced some really exciting news: the two organizations are joining forces to better support fair trade, sustainable farming, and eco-friendly textiles and supply chain practices.
As you might imagine, Textile Exchange specializes in promoting sustainable, fair trade fabrics. They also focus on textile manufacturing and production, and they have [...]

Here’s An Idea: Handbags Made From Vinyl Flooring…

Walk into your kitchen, and take a look at your vinyl flooring. Most people would never imagine using that flooring for anything else other than…flooring.
But, Laura Giovannini, a handbag designer in Italy, saw that same vinyl flooring and thought: eco handbags.
This is the kind of thinking we’re all about here at Earth Divas!
Here’s what Laura [...]

The Benefits of Hemp Tote Bags

Here at Earth Divas, we love fair trade hemp. And with good reason! Hemp is super strong, it’s a very sustainable crop, and it’s 100% biodegradable.
But I wanted to go into a little more detail about our hemp tote bags, and why there are so many benefits to using a fair trade hemp tote bag [...]