Fair Trade USA and Textile Exchange Join Forces

Yesterday, Fair Trade USA and Textile Exchange announced some really exciting news: the two organizations are joining forces to better support fair trade, sustainable farming, and eco-friendly textiles and supply chain practices.

As you might imagine, Textile Exchange specializes in promoting sustainable, fair trade fabrics. They also focus on textile manufacturing and production, and they have some hefty partners, including (surprisingly, to me) H&M and WalMart, as well Target, Patagonia, Nike, REI and other big names.

Fair Trade USA focuses on helps raise awareness about fair trade here in the US. They also provide the knowledge and tools farmers need to thrive as international businesspeople (which includes them getting a fair wage for their hard work).

So what’s the partnership going to do? Well, the alliance is going to strengthen both organization, but seems to be a bigger boon for FairTrade USA. FairTrade USA will now have an open door to the heavy-hitting companies that are already associated with Textile Exchange. Because of this, awareness will only continue grow, and more people will begin to recognize the importance of fair trade standards, and its benefits.

The two organizations are going to focus specifically on cotton. The price of cotton is at a 15-year high right now. However, suppliers are increasingly looking for ways to get cotton at the cheapest price, to keep their own costs low. Fair trade experts are afraid that, even though cotton is booming, the farmers and workers who plant and harvest this cotton will be more undercut than ever. This partnership between Textile Exchange and FairTrade USA will help ensure this doesn’t happen. And we say…yay to that!

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