Eco-Friendly Lips and Scents

You know what I love about summer (besides barefeet, tank tops, open windows, thunderstorms, Fudgecicles, summer dresses and lazy afternoons)?

I love summer scents, and summer lip gloss.

Every summer, it seems, has a theme. One scent, or one lip gloss, that I end up using every single day. And you know what happens come fall, or winter? I can smell that perfume, or that lip gloss, and be instantly transported to a warm summer night spent dancing with my husband, or an afternoon spent reading in the hot sun. When you use scents for a set season like that, later on they can mark time, and memories, like nothing else can. One whiff, and you can time-travel.

This Summer’s Theme: HONEY

I wanted to highlight my own summer theme this year, and promote a few others, because finding an eco-friendly or fair trade scent is so easy these days. But first, let me tell you about my new obsession with LongWinterFarm’s HoneyBee scent.

I ordered the HoneyBee perfume oil off of LongWinterFarm’s amazing Etsy shop. It came in about 10 days ago.

What do I think?

I. Am. In. Love.

This amazing perfume oil smells exactly like liquid honey. Really. I’ve been putting it on my wrists and neck several times a day (some might say obsessively, but it’s all semantics), and I can’t get enough. It just makes me so happy every time I smell it! It’s truly the perfect summer scent, especially if you’re a serious honey fan (like me).

What’s so amazing about LongWinterFarm’s perfume oil (and their soaps, lotions and lip balms, which I’m dying to try), is that they’re eco friendly. The artists use coconut oil and hemp seed oil to carry the scents, and natural scent oils. There is no alcohol, and no nasty chemicals. Yay!

So, want to see what other eco friendly scents, soaps and lip treatments they offer? Let me give you a visual tour…links in the titles will take you directly to the Etsy page…

1. Chocolate Lavender Perfume Oil

2. Honeysuckle Nectarine Lip Balm

3. Mojito Lip Balm

4. Vanilla Bergamot Skin Cream

Last Word…

Are you salivating as much as me? And those few pictures are only a drop in the bucket of what’s for sale in LongWinterFarm’s amazing Etsy shop. I’m having to seriously control myself from spending a small Turkish fortune in their store.

What’s not to love? These scents and lip lusciousness are eco friendly, and smell amazing. Plus, this winter they’ll allow you to instantly transport yourself back into a summer dress, barefeet stuck in the grass with sun on your shouldrers. For $3.50-$8.50, that’s an incredible bargain!

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