Eco Friendly, Back to School Fashion Tips

It’s hard to believe that summer is on its way to being over. I walked into Target last week to pick up a few supplies for my campfire cookout, and got hit with a shocker: the home and garden section had been replaced with backpacks, pencils, crayons and glue.
Whether you greet it with a groan [...]

Sustainably Shopping for the Long-Term

I’ve written quite a bit about the prevalence of disposable fashion. Most big box brands like H&M, the Gap, Target, and Old Navy create ultra-cheap clothing made using cheap labor. This kind of “trendy” fashion is meant to be worn for a season, and then disposed of for the next “hot thing”. It’s all about [...]

New Fair Trade Items for Summer and Fall

I love it when we get new products up on the site! In fact, I’m so excited about some of our new fair trade handbags and accessories that I wanted to post them here on the site for you all to see. Whether you need an eco friendly handbag for your next vacation, or you’re [...]

Could You Wear No New Clothes?

I’ve written several times here on the importance of thrift store shopping and buying used whenever possible. But I just stumbled onto this amazing Brooklyn designer who is living this philosophy to the fullest.
Her name is Jesse Arrington, and she writes the funky, colorful blog, Lucky So and So. She also was just featured at [...]