Sustainably Shopping for the Long-Term

I’ve written quite a bit about the prevalence of disposable fashion. Most big box brands like H&M, the Gap, Target, and Old Navy create ultra-cheap clothing made using cheap labor. This kind of “trendy” fashion is meant to be worn for a season, and then disposed of for the next “hot thing”. It’s all about the moment.

As you can imagine, this disregard for humanity and the environment rankles, to say the least. However, there are plenty of designers that create sustainable fashion that’s ethically made, using high-quality fabrics. These are the kind of pieces that will still be in style 20 years from now.

The difference is this: fashion comes and goes. Fashion reflects a moment in time, and the people living in it. Style, however, is timeless. Style is about you, and your confidence wearing classic pieces that will always look great.

Now, I’m not discounting fashion in any way. Fashion is important, and is often incredibly artistic. However, the difference is that if you buy clothing that has classic style, you’ll need to buy less throughout the years.

Here’s a great example I spotted on EcoFabulous this morning. Take a look at this picture, which comes from the awesome, eco-store Toast.

The picture is actually for Toast’s awesome Bio Tennis shoe. But look at the clothes these models are wearing. This is timeless style. These people would have looked great in 1955, 1995, and they’ll still look great in 2025. The reason is because these clothes have classic style.
So, what’s the point here?
Well, the point is this: when you’re shopping for clothes, start thinking about the classics. Defining what “classic” means is highly individual. For instance, to me, high-quality jeans, a black fitted button up shirt or fitted white t-shirt, and my off-white Converse One-Stars is classic, effortless style. However, this look might not at all fit your definition of classic style.
When you can identify a classic look for yourself, one that truly fits with who you are at your deepest level, you can start creating a wardrobe that’s high quality, sustainable, and comfortable. You’ll end up buying less clothing through the years because investing in quality clothing means it won’t wear out or be out of fashion next season. You’ll always look great!
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One Response to “Sustainably Shopping for the Long-Term”

  1. I’ve been slowly making so many lifestyle changes and am now ready to start being highly selective in my clothing purchases. I’m excited about finding your blog! Thanks :)