Eco Friendly, Back to School Fashion Tips

It’s hard to believe that summer is on its way to being over. I walked into Target last week to pick up a few supplies for my campfire cookout, and got hit with a shocker: the home and garden section had been replaced with backpacks, pencils, crayons and glue.

Whether you greet it with a groan or a cheer, it’s almost time for back-to-school. Which means within the next few weeks, parents and kids both will be out trolling around for clothing, backpacks, and supplies.

Although back-to-school supplies are a necessity for anyone with kids, the good news is that there are plenty of ways to make your back-to-school shopping both eco friendly, and fair trade to boot. Here are some tips to help get you started:

1. Go with an Eco Friendly Backpack

Many backpacks are made with plastic and regular cotton these days. You can lessen your impact on the environment by choosing a backpack made from recycled plastic or organic cotton. Or, you could choose an eco friendly backpack that’s also fair trade. We have some great options at Earth Divas. Our fair trade backpacks are made from recycled rice bags, which makes them both socially and environmentally responsible. Another perk is that because they’re made of jute, they break down in a landfill once their life is done. And, they look cool!

Want to see them first hand? Head over to our eco-friendly backpacksĀ here.

2. Buy Used Clothing

It takes a lot of resources to create a new piece of clothing. For instance, did you know it typically takes one pound of cotton to create an average sized t-shirt? And that’s not to mention the .5 pounds of pesticides and fertilizer that 1 pound of cotton requires to grow, or the water it takes to grow and then process the cotton. Making clothes is a very resource-intense operation!

This is just one reason why buying used clothing for back-to-school will dramatically lessen your environmental impact. And, it will also be a lot easier on your pocketbook.

3. Go with Eco Friendly School Supplies

I use several eco friendly supplies in my home office. For instance, my notebooks are made with paper from sugarcane, which normally would have gone into a landfill. My pencils are made with recycled newspaper. And my binders were created using eco-friendly inks and recycled, pressed cardboard.

Where did I get all these eco friendly supplies? From eco-friendly business, O’Bon. Not only does O’Bon sell awesome, eco-friendly back to school supplies, but they also plant a tree for every purchase.

Ok, you’re thinking. This is great, but school supplies hardly constitutes a “fashion tip”, right?

Well, with any other business I’d agree with you. But O’Bon’s products are so cool that carrying them around is like having awesome, eco-friendly accessories. Take a look.

Yeah, they’re super cool and definitely make a fashion statement when you use them.

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