DIY Project: Make a Friendship Necklace

I’ve been on a DIY-run lately. I have been crafting out the kazoo this summer, and it’s been a blast! Just a couple of weeks ago I posted the “How to Make Your Own Market Bag” project. Well, I ended up doing that particular project right after I was done working and it turned out [...]

Our Fair Trade Backpacks for Back to School

Ok, so all of you probably know that we have our fair share of fair trade hemp handbags. And, we also have a ton of recycled, eco friendly handbags. But, some of you might not know that we also have many fair trade, eco friendly backpacks as well.
If you have kids, then you’re already deep [...]

How to Turn a T-Shirt Into a Market Bag

I lovelovelove finding cool new projects that allow me to upcycle my clothes. And just this morning I was stumbling around the Internet and found a new favorite blog: Honestly WTF.
Ok, so the blog title is a bit provocative (which I love), and the content is top-notch. These girls cover art, fashion, and have a [...]

Eco Friendly Flip Flops

So, I know many of us, at least north of the Mason-Dixon line, are starting to experience the last of the summer love. When I woke up this morning, it was 52 degrees. 52! That’s getting dangerously close to the 40’s, which is downright cold. Brrr! This Louisiana girl will be heading south soon!
This means [...]

My New Favorite Handmade Accessory: Necklush

Ok, before I start to gush about this amazing scarf/necklace I just got, just take a look at these pictures so you can see what Necklush is all about.

Are you dizzy with desire yet? I know I sure was when I first stumbled onto these amazing pieces. Here’s the skinny…
First, Necklush was created by two [...]