DIY Project: Make a Friendship Necklace

I’ve been on a DIY-run lately. I have been crafting out the kazoo this summer, and it’s been a blast! Just a couple of weeks ago I posted the “How to Make Your Own Market Bag” project. Well, I ended up doing that particular project right after I was done working and it turned out great! It took me all of ten minutes to do, and I’ve been using that t-shirt market bag for all my little purchases instead of getting a plastic bag.

The project I wanted to highlight this week is one I started on last night: How to Make a Friendship Necklace, by that gals over at Honestly, WTF.

Now, if you’re a girl then you probably made friendship bracelets in elementary and middle school. I know I used to make these with my eyes closed! Well, friendship bracelets have come back with a bang this summer, and going into fall they’re still going strong. When I found this neat, DIY project to make a friendship necklace, I knew I had to try it.

Another reason why I love making a friendship necklace is because once it’s done, it will look like something one of our Indian or Nepalese artists might have made. They’re very colorful and ethnic looking. And the best news? They’re insanely easy to make (even though they don’t look like it). Take a look!

Photo courtesy Honestly, WTF

Now, a few tips from my start last night.

First, these take awhile. I spent about two hours working on mine last night, and got half way done. However, the work was super easy, and you can easily do this while watching TV or talking with your kids.

Second, I picked up some copper washers and pipe fittings for pennies to use as “beads”. I think these will look great with the red/orange color scheme I picked out. But if you have beads or feathers on hand you could easily use whatever you have!

You can see Honestly, WTF’s great instructions here. And, thanks girls for putting up such a great DIY project!

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