Gretchen Jones: Green Designer at New York’s Fashion Week

Photo courtesy Gretchen Jones

So, New York is on fire with beautiful models, amazing fashion and plenty of parties all this week. Fashion Week has come again, and I remember last year how excited I was that green fashion was truly taking a center stage. Well, this year green and sustainable fashion is even more prevalent than it was last year, and all I can say is, YAY!

I wanted to highlight one sustainable designer I discovered this week because her style, and her commitment to sustainability, really impressed me.

Her name is Gretchen Jones; she’s a past winner of Project Runway 8, and she has her own line filled with lovely, sustainably made clothing that I fell in love with immediately.

What do I love about this clothing?

Well, it’s comfortable and unpretentious, for one thing. I love how Gretchen’s clothing just seems to speak for itself. It’s not flashy, and it’s not trying to “be” something, at least, I don’t think it is. And I love that Gretchen uses organic cotton and bamboo in much of her pieces. All her clothing is made locally, in New York’s Garment District. She’s also aligned with Save the Garment Center, a non-profit who supports local artisans and ethical business practices.

Take a look at her FW2011 collection, which I love!

Do you see what I mean about her line being¬†accessible¬†but still fashionable? It seems as if walking around in her clothing would be like wearing comfortable art. Which, also happens to be sustainably made. Want to learn more? Check out Gretchen Jones’s Fall 2011 Collection.

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