Eco Friendly, Stylish Shoes for Yoga

Photo Courtesy EcoFabulous, via Blake Brody

Backstory: I started doing yoga at home a few months ago, and there aren’t words to describe how much I love it. It doesn’t matter what kind of day I’ve had…when I’m done with my yoga workout, I feel amazing. I’ve lost weight, I’ve gained an incredible amount of strength and flexibility, and I feel less stressed out. It’s been incredible.

Ok, so there’s the backstory that would explain why I did a little jig when I trolled over to EcoFabulous today and discovered they’d profiled Blake Brody, a design firm that makes these eco-friendly, elegant ballet slippers designed specifically for your yoga workout.

Now, I don’t do my yoga with a class. But I do go to a gym, and I know how grody it can be touching those germy, sweaty mats that everyone else has sweated on already. Yucko. So I can imagine that I might want a pair of these to walk around the yoga studio in, if I was there taking a public class. Heck, I don’t take a public class and I still want a pair to do yoga in. They just look lovely.

These awesome flats have been getting a lot of press lately; they’ve been featured in Fitness Magazine, Shape Magazine, Women’s Health, and many other major publications.

What’s cool about Blake Brody’s flats is that they’re similar to my most favorite shoe of all time, Terra Plana, in that they mimic barefoot walking. You can easily do your yogic moves in these flats because it really does feel like you’re in your barefeet. Only, without having to walk around on someone else’s sweaty mat.

These little flats have no dangerous adhesives holding them together, and the inside padding is made from recycled materials. They also contain a natural antimicrobial agent that helps prevent the growth of bacteria (because yes, your feed do sweat during yoga). The unique arch design also helps avoid cramping, which can happen during certain poses.

Am I lusting after a pair of Blake Brody flats of my own? You bet! So far, the simple look of Robin is my favorite…take a look:

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