Update: Our New Line of Fair Trade Bags!

I feel like a kid at Christmas every time we get a new batch of designs up on Earth Divas. It’s so exciting!
I love getting to see the incredible workmanship of our artisans. They’re so talented! And it makes me happy that people get just as excited as I do over these fair trade bags [...]

Support Breast Cancer Awareness With Eco-Jewlery

So, you likely already know that not only is October Fair Trade Month, it’s also Breast Cancer Awareness Month (which is why you see everything from stores to NFL football players hosed down in pink).
This morning, I found a stunning piece of jewelry that not only helps raise awareness about breast cancer, but it’s also [...]

October is Fair Trade Month!

Did you know that October is Fair Trade Month? Well, it is!
Fair Trade Month is sponsored by Fair Trade USA, and this year marks the 8th annual celebration of fair trade. Yippee!
Here at Earth Divas we passionately believe in fair trade. And, we have a lot of exciting stories coming up about some new relationships [...]

Get the New Fair Trade Finder App!

Here’s the problem. You’re out shopping, and you really need to find some fair trade chocolates, or a fair trade purse, to buy. It could be for yourself (fun!), or a gift you’re buying for a friend. But, how in the heck do you know where to find a specific fair trade item? If you’re [...]