Get the New Fair Trade Finder App!

Photo courtesy Fair Trade USA

Here’s the problem. You’re out shopping, and you really need to find some fair trade chocolates, or a fair trade purse, to buy. It could be for yourself (fun!), or a gift you’re buying for a friend. But, how in the heck do you know where to find a specific fair trade item? If you’re like me and don’t live in an ultra-urban area, finding fair trade chocolate, coffee, handbags, and clothing can be a real challenge sometimes.

Well, I’ve finally realized that they really do have an App for everything. Fair Trade USA just released an App they created to help users find Fair Trade items, no matter where they live.

The App is called The Fair Trade Finder. And here’s how it works. All you do is choose a category or product you’re looking for. The App then gives you a map of local stores that sell the product you’re looking for. Everything is based on your zipcode.

You can also help contribute to the App’s Fair Trade database. Say you’re out at your local market, and you just discovered that they carry fair trade chocolate. You can tag that store in the App so that other people in your area will know that the market carries fair trade products.

I love this idea because it’s really going to help promote buying fair trade. And, hopefully it will also help people find Earth Divas bags that are sold locally!

Want to download the App? I thought so! You can find it here.

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