Update: Our New Line of Fair Trade Bags!

I feel like a kid at Christmas every time we get a new batch of designs up on Earth Divas. It’s so exciting!

I love getting to see the incredible workmanship of our artisans. They’re so talented! And it makes me happy that people get just as excited as I do over these fair trade bags because not only are they beautiful, they don’t cost a fortune. And, as always, 100% of the profits of Earth Divas goes right back into the hands of our artisans at the end of the year.

So, want to see some of the amazing new bags and mittons (yes, fair trade mittons!) we have available right now?

1. The Pink Long Handled Sling

I’m stunned at how beautiful this bag came out! When you see it up close it’s stunning. It’s handmade, of course, and the colors just pop off the fabric. Without a doubt, this Long Handled Sling is one of my favorites we’ve ever offered at Earth Divas.

2. Regular Sling

The word “incredible” just doesn’t do this bag justice.

It’s handmade in Nepal, and features a large overhanging flap that covers a roomy indoor compartment that will fit most computers. I love the contrast of the red detailed embroidery against the soft brown fabric.

Can’t you just see yourself carrying your favorite book (I’m reading Jack Kerouac’s “On the Road” right now), a Moleskine journal, your favorite pen, and a few other delightful beauties around in this bag? I sure can! It seems like the perfect bag for sunny, late Fall afternoons at a coffee shop. I really can’t decide if I love this bag more, or the pink Long Handled Sling. What do you think?

Want to see more? You can see the Sling Bag here!

3. The New Passport

If you need a small bag to just grab and go, the Passport is for you. This gorgeous bag is small enough to carry the essentials, but big enough to give you enough room for some extras. I love smaller bags because they force me not to turn my purse into a 15 lb. training dumbell!

As with all of our other hand embroidered bags, the detail here is amazing.

I’ll be highlighting more of our new line in the weeks to come, so stay tuned! Of course, you can always go take a looky-loo yourself at EarthDivas.com.

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