Why You Should Buy Fair Trade Holiday Gifts

I know many of you are starting to brainstorm your holiday gift list. I know I’ve already got the holidays on the brain, and it’s only the first week of November!

But, I wanted to take just a moment to talk about intention. That is, what is our intention when we give a gift to someone?

Most of the time, our intention is to show love, or to bring delight and happiness to the person we love. After all, giving just feels good! However, we can show love to others, and do even more good, when we give fair trade gifts.

When we spend our shopping dollars on a fair trade product, whether it’s a fair trade handbag or a bar of fair trade chocolate, we’re investing in a high quality gift for the person we love. And because that item is fair trade made, we’re also giving a gift to the artisan or farmer who made that gift. We’re helping make their life better. How?

The Power of Fair Trade

When you give a fair trade gift, you’re giving something that’s handmade, and fairly traded. That is, you’re giving a product made by a farmer or artisan who was fairly compensated for their work.

The clothing, purses, and other products you buy at the mall or other big box stores are, much of the time, made by workers who are getting paid a pittance for their efforts. They often work very long hours in unsafe working conditions. This is why large stores like Target and Wal-Mart can sell products so cheaply; they’re paying almost nothing for the labor.

Sure, we might be getting a neat purse for $14.95. But at what cost?

Fair trade products ensure that farmers and artisans receive a fair wage, and fair working conditions. These workers, artisans, and farmers live a better life because they earn what they should be earning. They can afford more, and better, food for their family. They can afford heat for their homes, and to send their children to school. In short, they’re able to live a better life, the kind of life we all want, simply because they’re earning a fair wage.

The beautiful and talented artisans we work with at Earth Divas are a great example of this. Because we return 100% of our profits back to them at the end of the year, they’ve all seen their quality of life, and that of their families, improve dramatically. That’s the power of fair trade!

What You Can Do This Holiday Season

All of this is why buying fair trade gifts this holiday season can do so much good. Whenever you purchase a fair trade product, either for yourself of to give to someone else, the good you do doubles. Not only do you get to show love to someone else, but you’re helping ensure that the farmer or artisans who made your product, somewhere half-way around the world, will get to live a better life as well. It’s an amazing circle!

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