Shop Fair Trade on Black Friday

As I write this, shoppers and stores are gearing up for the biggest shopping day of the year. Black Friday is just two days away.

Will you be going out? I sure won’t be! I love hibernating the weekend after Thanksgiving. I’m not a mall kind of girl anyway. I stay home, eat delicious foods, read books, listen to records, and hang out with my husband. In short, it’s one of my best weekends of the year! If I do any shopping, it’s online.

If you are going out shopping this weekend, or if you’re waiting around till Cyber Monday to snag the big deals, I wanted to make one last appeal before the holiday to support a fair trade store or retailer. Why the big push?

Well, think about this for just a second.

Have you ever been hungry? I’m not talking about the kind of hungry when there’s nothing in the pantry you want to eat. I’m talking about the kind of hungry when there’s nothing to eat at all, and no money to buy anything. THAT kind of hungry.

Or, have you ever been so poor that you can’t afford to buy your child a school uniform? Without the uniform, she can’t attend school. So instead, you have to watch her classmates zoom ahead while she sits at home, her opportunities dwindling each day she stays away from an education.

Most of us are lucky; we’ve never had to go through such hardship. But the women who make products sold through fair trade retailers go through that kind of hardship every day. That is their life.

When you buy a handbag, or a piece of jewelry, or a piece of clothing through a fair trade store, you give a woman somewhere in the world enough money to purchase healthy food for her family, or send her child to school.

I know it’s hard to see how you make a difference with your shopping. Here in the States, we buy what we want, we take it home, and then that object becomes part of our life on this end. But the reality is that when we shop fair trade, we become part of a circle. That purchase keeps going, and the effects of it are truly positive in another woman’s life.

This is why shopping fair trade is so important. It truly does change lives, even if we don’t directly see it here.

If you’re not sure where the closest fair trade retailer is to you, then download the Fair Trade Federation’s Fair Trade App to help you find one. Or, shop online fair trade retailers like Earth Divas or World of Good. There are a ton of options out there!

We’ll also have Divas4Divas up next week, and this new site will have a comprehensive list of fair trade retailers all over the world.

So, make a real difference in the life of another woman this weekend, and shop fair trade!

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