Fair Trade Bags for the Holidays

The winter holiday season is one of my most favorite times of the year. And, compiling gift lists is a favorite past time.

This year, many of my friends and family will be getting handmade gifts. I love making and canning my own foods, and throughout the summer and fall I stay busy creating gourmet jams and spreads to gift during Christmas and Hannukah. My favorite? Habenero Gold Jam, a delightfully sweet and spicy jam that goes wonderful with hard cheeses and fruits. Yum!

However, I’m not gifting my handmade spreads exclusively. I’ve been on the prowl for some great fair trade gifts to give this year, and I wanted to share some of my top picks!

1. Wool Crewel Workbag

The bags in our Krewel Wool series are so incredible; the detail is simply amazing, and when you see the bags up close you can tell in an instant how much time and work went into them. They’re all hand stitched, and the colors really pop off the fabric!

Because this bag is shaped like an open bucket when it’s open, I think it would make a great gift for a crafter. For instance, a knitter would love to put her needles and current project into this bag, so she could easily take it to her knitting group!

2. Heart Shopping Bag

Have you seen our line of eco-friendly, reusable shopping bags yet? We just got them on the site within the past month, and they’re so cool! They’re perfect for living a greener life because by carrying it with you, you no longer need to use a plastic bag.

Our Heart Bag is no different; this wonderful bag scrunches into a beautiful heart when it’s not in use!

3. ’80s Inspired Stonewashed Bag

There are a lot of bags we have out right now that I’m in love with. But by far, our 80s inspired stonewashed bag is my favorite! It’s got serious style and attitude, and I love the tie-dyed fringe on the side. Yep, we’re talking serious love. This would make a great gift for the young woman in your life, or anyone who’s rockin’ the 80s style right now!

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