Fair Trade Laptop Cases

I learned a valuable lesson a few weeks ago: water and laptops don’t go well together. As a result of an unfortunate accident involving these two elements, I had to upgrade my laptop. The good news is that the death of my old laptop meant I had a good excuse to get the new MacBook Pro, which I’m passionately in love with.

However, getting a new MacBook meant I needed to upgrade something else: my laptop case. So, I’ve been on the prowl for a fair trade laptop case that was funky, elegant, and well made. And, I figured if I was searching for something like this, then perhaps you were too! So I thought I’d share some of the wonderful cases I’ve found so far.

1. The Della Soaring MacBook Case

I love this case so, so much! It’s the Della Soaring MacBook Case.

The wonderful part of the Della case is that it’s handmade, and fair trade, by women in Ghana using sustainable materials. The fabric is also locally made.

The bad part? It only comes in one size, and that size happens to be too small for me. :( Otherwise I would buy this beautiful fair trade laptop case in a heartbeat! However, you can get this beautiful case for your iPad as well.

2. Awava’s Eddembe Macbook Sleeve

Awava’s Eddembe Macbook Sleeve is gorgeous, and comes in a variety of different vibrant fabrics. Awava’s products are made by women in Uganda, and they have some truly wonderful products on their site (including jewelry!). So, check it out!

3. Labudde Coffee Bag Laptop Sleeve

I love these upcycled coffee bag laptop sleeves by Labudde, on Etsy. I love that this artist is upcycling materials that might otherwise be thrown away. I also love the variety; each of these laptop sleeves is different, depending on the coffee bag. They’re very unique, and eco-friendly!

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