Brilliant Idea? Turning Firehoses Into Accessories…

Image courtesy Elvis & Kresse

I love it when people find new ways to upcycle and reuse material that would otherwise go to waste. And, one of the most innovative ideas I’ve heard of yet is in the picture above.

Just take a good look. It’s a standard leather belt, right?¬†Wrong. That belt used to have another life as a firehose. Really.

This innovative idea was dreamt up by Kresse Wesling. When she met the London Fire Brigade, she fell in love with their firehoses. The problem with the firehoses is that once they’re decomissioned there’s no way to recycle them, or turn them into another hose, because of the nylon fibrous core. It’s this core that makes the firehose so strong and leak-proof. But the core also means the hose gets one use as a firehose, and that’s it.

Up until now, all these firehoses were just being thrown into the landfill. Until Wesling got the idea to turn them into luxurious fashion accessories. So, she created (with her partner, Elvis), Elvis and Kresse, a design shop making and selling firehose goods. And, these accessories are amazing! Take a look.

Amazing, right? I love that these bags and accessories are not only eco-friendy, but they’re also very luxurious and classy.

I also love that Elvis and Kresse didn’t stop with firehoses. They’ve expanded their line to include materials from coffee sacks, parachutes, sail cloth, and air traffic control straps. All of these materials would have otherwise ended up in a landfill.

So, go check out Elvis and Kresse. They have a lot of really innovative things at their shop (including these amazing, industrial candlesticks made from metal firehose pieces). You’ll love it!

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