Fashionable Reusable Shopping Bags

If you’re at all into the green movement, then you likely have a pile of reusable shopping bags in your kitchen. I know I do. Some of mine are so cool that I actually hang them on the wall in my kitchen; not only does this decorate the wall, but it also helps me remember to take them along when I head to the grocery store.

Since the reusable shopping bag trend hit several years ago, many designers have hopped on the wagon (including Earth Divas!) and are now making reusable shopping bags that are so cool that can serve as an everyday bag as well.

Apolis’s Market Bag is one of these bags. What I love about these bags is that they use jute, which is an amazing plant that’s also 100% biodegradable. It’s also easy on the earth, because it grows to maturity so fast.

What Apolis has done well, though, is to bring jute, which is normally rough and course, up a notch. These bags look very sleek and chic.

What I love most about Apolis is their mission. This company is committed to creating a better world by providing women in Bangladesh with good jobs. They make the bags, they get paid a fair wage, and they’re able to sustain themselves, and their family, on a long term basis. To date, they’re employing 21 artisans in Bangladesh.

Apolis also has initiatives in Nepal and Uganda. In Nepal, there are 50 knitters in a women’s co-op that Apolis uses for their sweaters. These women have stable, safe jobs through this co-op.

This closely represents what all of us at Earth Divas stand for. I love it! I highly recommend checking out Apolis’s site; they have wonderful sweaters, bags, and jackets that are helping contribute to a better world.

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