How Our Bags are Born

Hi Everyone,

Ed is in Nepal right now working with our artisans to create some great new fair trade bags. He sent some great pictures that show how the process of a bag comes together!

Here’s how this group of artisans, shown below, works with Ed, at least on this trip!

Step 1: The artisans come up with an initial bag design. As you can see in the pictures below, the bags they’re working on are fun, animal-themed bags for children.

Step 2: Ed gave the samples to his daughter and her friends to test out. Their analysis was that the strap was too short, and the bag body too small. Girls at this age (middle school) can be really tall, or really short. So, back to the drawing board!

Step 3: Ed and our artisans spend hours working on the straps, trying to make them adjustable. But with felted wool, this is really hard. So, they decide to make two bag sizes: one with a short strap, and one with a long one.

Step 4: Now come the details. Ed works with the artisans to really make the animal bags sparkle. He makes the eyes rounder, the smiles bigger, change the thread color from black to red, add some purple beads here and there, add more stitching to the flowers…it just goes on and on!

Ed spent two days with this group. And, you’ll have to wait and see how wonderful the final design came out!

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