Fair Trade USA’s Expansion: Good or Bad?

Fair Trade USA is in the middle of a big controversy right now. Essentially, the organization is redefining what “fair trade” means, so they can expand and include larger corporations and/or growing estates.
The current controversy centers on coffee growers, but it has the potential to impact every fair trade producer, from tea, chocolate, and even [...]

Getting Beach Hair

I love being by the beach. My hair gets wonderful highlights that can’t ever be reproduced in a hair salon (I know because I’ve tried). It’s also great for my curls; when I’m at the beach, they’re wavy, but not really frizzy. Beach hair is unique because it’s loose, carefree, natural, and really pretty. After [...]

Eco Fashion Business Idea: Personal Stylist

I read a fascinating article this morning about one woman in LA who’s carved out a very profitable and unique business for herself. She’s a fashion consultant/personal stylist, but one of her specialties is helping people find awesome outfits at local Goodwill and consignment shops.
The reason why her clients, who can obviously afford to spend [...]

Our Upcycled Bags

Here at Earth Divas, we try to upcycle fabric whenever we can. Not only is upcycling much more eco-friendly than using brand new material, it often produces results that are far more surprising and interesting!
Here’s a quick look at some of the fair trade bags we have that have upcycled fabrics.
1. Raja and Silk Shopping [...]

Go-To, Fair Trade Summer Bags

As I write this, the sun is just starting to make its way into my office windows, which are thrown wide open to let in the sounds of birds and rustling leaves. Yesterday, it was 80 degrees here, and I know many parts of the country are starting to see summertime temps.
There are so many [...]

Owning Six Pieces of Clothing: Could You Do It?

Do you think you could get by wearing just six items of clothing for a month?
Although I love the idea of streamlining my clothes, and creating a challenge to limit my consumption of new items, I’m not sure I could get by with only three tops and three bottoms. However, there are people who have [...]

Upcycling Denim Skirts

I’ve written about upcycling a denim skirt before, and with good reason. I love denim skirts! They’re tough, they’re breezy, and they look great with cowboy boots. They’re also incredibly versatile; they can easily go from working in the yard to out on the town.
The only problem with denim skirts is that they can be [...]

What Buying “Bargain” Really Means

If you’re like most people, then you likely spend a fair amount of time shopping for bargains. Heck, we’ve all done it at some point; seeing a sign that says “60% off” causes many of our hearts to quicken. However, shopping for bargains may not be all that it’s cracked up to be, and I [...]

Packing Light for Fair Trade Travel

No matter where I go, or how long I go for, I take only my purse and a backpack with me on my travels.
The reason I love packing uber-light are many: it’s cheaper (I don’t have to pay a suitcase charge), it’s easier (I don’t lug suitcases around an airport, or around the subway or [...]