Packing Light for Fair Trade Travel

No matter where I go, or how long I go for, I take only my purse and a backpack with me on my travels.

The reason I love packing uber-light are many: it’s cheaper (I don’t have to pay a suitcase charge), it’s easier (I don’t lug suitcases around an airport, or around the subway or Metro whenever I arrive), and I look like a local the moment I arrive (which is important in big cities and foreign countries for avoiding pickpockets and scammers).

For instance, last year I went to Greece for two weeks. I packed everything I needed in our Recycled Rice Backpack, shown below. And, it worked out great! By now my Recycled Rice Backpack is comfortably broken in, and it had more than enough room for all my clothes and other items.

This is a great backpack to consider because it’s fair trade, it’s extremely well made, it’s very roomy, and it’s comfortable to wear on your back.

Tips for Packing Light

Going from several suitcases down to one backpack can feel a bit overwhelming. But chances are you often pack way more than you need when you travel. The trick is that you pack just a few outfits, using clothes that all work well together. And, you simply do laundry while you’re away.

There are some essentials that I never leave home without, however. For instance, a scarf is invaluable (unless I’m traveling to a tropical climate). Even in the summer and early fall, many places get cool in the evening. And, we all know that planes can resemble refrigerators. Our fair trade Moyar Wool Scarf is a travel essential because it’s made with wool; which can keep you warm on frigid days, yet doesn’t get you too hot on warmer days. It’s also elegant.

Another travel essential is a passport bag. I’ve taken several of our passport bags on trips and find them to be useful for carrying just the bare necessities out with me when I’m walking around a city. I never leave my passport in my room (since I often stay at hostels or pensions); it stays with me. So, having a small bag I can tuck under my shirt or jacket is essential for staying safe. One of my favorites is our Hemp and Wool Skinny bag, shown below.

This bag is great for travel because it will hold your passport, credit cards, money, cell phone, and even a map if you need one. And, it’s lightweight and will fit under a shirt or jacket to keep these essentials out of sight.

What essentials do you not leave home without when you travel?

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