Upcycling Denim Skirts

I’ve written about upcycling a denim skirt before, and with good reason. I love denim skirts! They’re tough, they’re breezy, and they look great with cowboy boots. They’re also incredibly versatile; they can easily go from working in the yard to out on the town.

The only problem with denim skirts is that they can be a bit boring, which is why I love looking for cool, eco-friendly ways to dress them up and make them a bit funkier than they normally are. And, the denim skirt below is one I created just yesterday.

This is a skirt I picked up for $1 at Salvation Army. And, it was bland as only a bland denim skirt can be. So, I started by lightening it with a bleach/water mixture (I think I did 2 cups of bleach to 3 or 4 cups of water). I left the skirt in there only around five minutes; you have it watch denim carefully, because at first it looks as if nothing is happening, and then all of a sudden the fabric will practically be white.

Once I had lightened the denim I threw it in the wash. While it was washing, I prepared a pot of liquid Purple RIT Dye on the stove. You can purchase RIT dye in powder or in liquid form; I’ve noticed I get brighter and deeper results with the liquid dye, so it’s definitely worth it to spend a bit more for liquid. I’ve also noticed that dying clothes works better on the stove, using very hot (but not boiling) water. This is what I did for this skirt, and you can see the color is really deep and vibrant.

All I did was dip the lower half of the skirt in the purple dye for about 10 minutes. The top part of the skirt turned light purple in the wash, when it bled out. I also soaked a pair of denim shorts that I splashed with pure bleach, and those turned out really cool.

The best part about transforming a denim skirt (or a pair of denim shorts) is what comes next; you can easily upcycle old fabric into the skirt or shorts to create something new. This is what I’ll be doing next. My plan is to find some great old shirt or jacket at the Salvation Army to cut up and sew in patches, or along the top, of the skirt.

There are some amazing ideas on the Internet if you need inspiration. Take a look at some of these great upcycled denim skirts!

Photo courtesy: http://pinterest.com/pin/254171972689954460/

Photo courtesy: http://pinterest.com/pin/115193702939158665/

That last one is a work of art; it looked as if she used fabric from a 1960s dress, cutting out and sewing each flower individually. It’s breathtaking!

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