Owning Six Pieces of Clothing: Could You Do It?

Do you think you could get by wearing just six items of clothing for a month?

Although I love the idea of streamlining my clothes, and creating a challenge to limit my consumption of new items, I’m not sure I could get by with only three tops and three bottoms. However, there are people who have successfully winnowed down their wardrobe to just six things (not counting underwear, socks, outerwear, gym clothes, and accessories).  The New York Times wrote about the idea back in 2010, and there’s actually a website, Six Items or Less, devoted to the challenge.

Gabrielle Karol is one person who successfully took up the 6-item challenge, and she wrote about her experience on LearnVest. In the image below you can see five of the six pieces of clothing she chose to wear for a month (the only item not pictured is a black mini-skirt).

According to Gabrielle, most of us have a small handful of clothes that we truly love and feel great in. The rest of our clothes are ones we barely wear, and simply can’t bear to part with. And, she’s so right! I know I’ve worked hard to narrow down my clothes so that I’m only keeping things I wear regularly, but I still have too many.

The thought of having only six, though, is pretty extreme. And I admire Gabrielle for being able to do it! According to her article on LearnVest, choosing which six items to wear wasn’t easy.

I did a lot of reading to see how other people winnowed down to their six. Some went for all black, so as to camouflage frequent wear … but that seemed drab and too depressing for springtime, which happens to be one of my favorite seasons (mostly on account of the opportunity to start breaking out cute sundresses). Others did three tops and three bottoms they could mix and match accordingly, giving them nine different combinations.

The bottom line? There’s no wrong or right way to choose items, but it is important that they be 1) versatile, 2) appropriate for your lifestyle and the current season, and 3) items you feel really good wearing.

So, what do you all think? Could you wear only six pieces of clothing for an entire month?

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