Eco Fashion Business Idea: Personal Stylist

I read a fascinating article this morning about one woman in LA who’s carved out a very profitable and unique business for herself. She’s a fashion consultant/personal stylist, but one of her specialties is helping people find awesome outfits at local Goodwill and consignment shops.

The reason why her clients, who can obviously afford to spend what they want on clothes, will pay her to help them shop used is simple: they want clothes that haven’t been made in a sweatshop, and clothes that don’t negatively impact the environment.

The problem is, many of them aren’t sure how to put together outfits from these stores, which often contain clothes from thousands of designers, spanning several decades. And they often don’t have the time it takes (often 1-3 hours) to through a Salvation Army to find quality clothes that fit and appeal to their sense of style.

And, this is when they hire Meg Gallagher (who also writes the blog Madison to Melrose). According to the article I read (written by a writer with the LA Times), Gallagher first does a consultation to find out what your style is, and what kind of style you’d like to have.

Armed with this personal info, she then meets you another day at a used clothing place (or several). The great part is that she goes several hours before the appointment to start pulling clothes for you, and putting together outfits. She does the hard work; when you show up, she’s put together several wonderful options just for you.

At the end, the author spent almost $900 on Gallagher’s services. She spent over $2,000 (yikes!) on used designer clothes, shoes, and accessories. And she got 30 outfits she can rotate. Gallagher even assembled the outfits at the author’s house, and took pictures for future reference.

I loved the idea of being a personal stylist offering eco-options so much! It’s unique, fits a real need, and can ben a wonderfully fun job if you’re the type who has a great sense of style and happens to love digging through used and vintage clothing stores.

What do you all think? Good idea? Could you do it?

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One Response to “Eco Fashion Business Idea: Personal Stylist”

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