Some Unique Fair Trade Goodies

Here at Earth Divas, we specialize in making high quality, fair trade bags. But we also make a lot of other fun and unique fair trade items. After all, we work with dozens of talented artisans in Nepal and India; often, they’ll have a great idea for a new product that we just have to try out!

So, I wanted to highlight some of our unique fair trade products that you might know nothing about.

1. Fair Trade Headband

This great fair trade headband is made of hemp, and is perfect for the summer music festival season! It has a very natural look to it, which I love.

2. Hemp Dog Collars and Leashes

I bet you didn’t know Earth Divas made fair trade pet products, right? Many people are surprised when they find, but we offer several, high quality hemp dog collars and leashes. These collars and leashes are very well made, and super strong. So even if you have a large dog you don’t have to worry about them snapping or unravelling.

3. Hemp Soap Bag

Have you ever used a hemp soap bag? They’re really wonderful. Not only do they help lather your soap in the shower, but the hemp really helps exfoliate your skin when you wash. I love these because they get all those dead skin cells off, which really helps give me glowing skin, especially during the summer!

4. Hemp Belt

Our hemp belts are great because they’re super strong, and they’ll last forever. This one is one of my favorites because our artisans wove in bright recycled silk in the middle, which gives this belt a very unique look.

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