Eco-Friendly Summer Perfumes

It’s a bright, sunny, summer afternoon. You’re headed to the beach in a sun dress and colorful flip flops. You’ve got a bright beach bag on your shoulder; in it is your new summer read, a turquoise beach towel, sunscreen, and a pretty sun hat.

What are you missing? The delicate waft of a perfect summer perfume, of course!

I lovelovelove summer perfumes. When you find the perfect perfume to wear all summer long, from then on that particular scent will always remind you of the best warm memories: going for night rides on your bike with your sweetie, afternoons at the beach, watching it rain on the front porch, wolfing down an ice-cold mocha with your best friend. You know, summer memories.

In celebration of summer, which is finally here, I wanted to tell all of you about my favorite eco-friendly perfume. And if you’re going to wear perfume, then I can’t stress enough how important it is that you choose one that’s made from natural ingredients. Commercial perfumes are full of chemicals that we don’t need to be breathing in, no matter how great they smell. And, many of the chemicals used in commercial perfumes have been linked to cancer.

Eco-Friendly Perfume Maker: Long Winter Soap, Co.

I love the smell of honey. It’s a summer-sweet smell, and it always makes me really happy. This is why my favorite natural summer perfume is Long Winter Soap’s HoneyBee perfume. It smells exactly like honey! It’s also safe for us to use because it’s made using coconut and hemp seed oil, with natural fragrance.

I’ve only tried Long Winter Soap’s HoneyBee perfume, but mine is running dangerously low so I’ll be placing another order with her in the next week or so. I’m also going to try her Blue Skies perfume, which smells like green grass and playing under a clothesline!

What’s your favorite smell for summer?

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