Eye Popping Eco Friendly Shoes

Can you believe these shoes? I want every single one of them!

If you follow fashion at all, then you know that anything neon is hothothot right now. And pairing neon with eco-friendly is a sure way to my heart. And I almost fell over when I caught the Schier Shoes profile on EcoFabulous today.

Here’s the skinny on these eye-popping shoes. Schier Shoes is a collective of 8 artisans in Swakopmund,┬áNamibia.

So, the shoes that Schier makes are called “vellies.” They’re essentially ancestors of modern-day desert boot. But, with an eco-friendly twist. All the vellies Schier makes are hand made, and dyed with vegetables. Really!

They’re also made using Kudu leather, which is antelope skin. Now, I know this sounds barbaric and not very eco-friendly at all. But. In Namibia, the antelope are overpopulate, and the government is trying to cull them to give the rest a better chance of survival. So this skin would otherwise go to waste. Instead, Schier is making shoes out of it.

What’s interesting is that because these animals are wild, they often have scars or imperfections that domesticated animals do not. And, this shows up in the shoes, which are all unique.

Although the neon shoes are my most favorite, I do love all them. They’re stylish yet rugged, a combination that’s often difficult to get right. Want a pair? Go check out Schier’s site!

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