DIY: Wrapped Headphones

I can’t get through my workday without music. My laptop plays music constantly while I’m working: First Aid Kit, Neil Young, Grateful Dead, and M83 are on on constant rotation right now. And I’m sure you’re the same way (although you likely have much different taste!) Without music, our days would be far less interesting than they are.

If you work in an office or (like me) share an office with someone else, then you probably have headphones on a lot. I know I do! So when I saw this great DIY for Wrapped Headphones at Free People last month, I knew I had to try it. I already have fun purple headphones; why not make them even more fun?

Basically, you wrap the cord of your headphones with colorful embroidery thread, just like you’re making a friendship bracelet. You can see some wonderful, well-explained instructions at Free People, here.

Mine turned out awesome! I even incorporated a cool turquoise skull into my wrapping.

It’s a bit rough on the end there, but that’s an easy fix. Up next? I’m going to be wrapping the cord to my laptop to make it just as fun!

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One Response to “DIY: Wrapped Headphones”

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