Fair Trade, Upcycled Etsy Picks

I’ll be the first to admit I have a slight problem with Etsy. Well, slight might be an understatement. I love Etsy with a fierce passion.
The site has given thousands of artists the chance to sell their handmade and vintage goods, and many of them are pursuing their art full time, thanks to the success [...]

British Farmers Need Fair Trade Labeling

When most people hear the words “fair trade,” they envision foods and goods that come from struggling communities in third world countries; I know that’s what I often picture. However, you might not expect a fair trade label on foods or goods that’s produced in a developed nation, such as the United States or Great [...]

Global Goods’ Fair Trade School Fundraisers

When I was in elementary school, we would occasionally sign up to go door-to-door, selling things to help raise money for the band, or the girls’ baseball team, or whatever after-school program was currently in a financial crisis.
Of course, in Louisiana, in the 1980s, our selling choices were limited. We generally sold holiday wrapping paper, [...]

Amazing Fair Trade Store: Raven + Lily

I love finding new socially-responsible businesses to fall in love with. And when those businesses sell products I can fall in love with at the same time, even better.
This is what has happened with Raven + Lily. This site carries all the things women love: clothing, jewelry, paper, scarves, and bath luxuries. The best part [...]

These Hats Help Women In a Big Way

Thankfully, soon the weather is going to make a change for the chillier side. We’ll need wool sweaters, jeans, tall boots, and even a scarf to cut the wind. It’s hard to imagine right now (with the thermostat hovering right around 93 at my house!), but fall is definitely on her way.
Which is why I [...]

Early Fall Fair Trade Bags

Perhaps it’s the dry, blistering heat most of the country has suffered through this summer. Or, maybe it’s just the mid-July “blahs.” But, I’ve been dreaming of Fall lately.
My thoughts have been turning to crisp blue skies, chilly nights with campfires and open windows, orange and red colored leaves, and of course, fall fashion. I’m [...]

Our New Fair Trade Bags: “What You Buy Matters”

I’m really excited to showcase a new line of bags we’ve recently created for Earth Divas. Although each of these bags are unique, the overall theme is, “What You Buy, Matters.” Because truly, every purchase you make in life makes a difference to someone else.¬†We believe that wholeheartedly here at Earth Divas. So, are you [...]

Eco Friendly Rain Boots

If you pay attention to fashion blogs, or keep a weather eye out for awesome street style, then you’ve probably already realized that rain boots, or “galoshes” are hothothot right now.
These colorful, knee-high rubber boots have been a staple in England for decades. But here in the States we’re just now discovering how fun, funky, [...]