Eco Friendly Rain Boots

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If you pay attention to fashion blogs, or keep a weather eye out for awesome street style, then you’ve probably already realized that rain boots, or “galoshes” are hothothot right now.

These colorful, knee-high rubber boots have been a staple in England for decades. But here in the States we’re just now discovering how fun, funky, and versatile these boots really are.

You can pair rain boots with short shorts for a sexy, tomboy look. Or you can pair them, as Rachel Bilson did in the picture, with skinny jeans and a slouchy sweater. Either way, you’ve got a great look.

I wanted to highlight Roma Boots because not only are these rain boots super cool looking, but they’re also eco friendly and socially responsible. And the best part? They’re made right here in the USA!

Eco Friendly Roma Boots

Roma Boots was founded by Samuel Bistrian, who came to America from Romania. He wanted to start a company to help put boots on the feet of Eastern European kids, many of whom walk to school through the bitter winters in completely insufficient footwear (thinkĀ sandalsĀ in the freezing snow insufficient).

So, he started making eco friendly rain boots through Roma Boots to help fund his non-profit, Roma for All, and make sure kids have warm, waterproof boots to wear. Roma Boots are made of natural rubber, and created in the USA. They’re also cool; check out these wonderful plum colored boots, which would be perfect for this fall!

So, go give Roma Boots a look! If you need a new pair of rain boots, there’s no better place to get them.

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