These Hats Help Women In a Big Way

Thankfully, soon the weather is going to make a change for the chillier side. We’ll need wool sweaters, jeans, tall boots, and even a scarf to cut the wind. It’s hard to imagine right now (with the thermostat hovering right around 93 at my house!), but fall is definitely on her way.

Which is why I was super excited to highlight these amazing fall beanies. Not only are they super stylish, but they also serve a higher purpose. Take a look, and then I’ll tell you their story.

So, here’s the skinny on these amazing hats.

They’re made by Krochet Kids, International. And their mission is the same as ours here at Earth Divas: they want to help people in developing nations rise out of poverty.

The organization is owned by three young guys. And get this, they started out crocheting hats themselves, for their snowboarding adventures! I love that.

As they went through college they began volunteering in developing nations to learn more about people, and they world they lived in. And soon, all three realized how blessed with opportunities they’d been, and they wanted to help.

After a summer in Uganda helping refugees, they had a brilliant idea. What if they taught people how to crochet? It was simple to do, required very few tools and materials, and could be done anywhere in the world. So that’s what they began to do. These three surfer adventurer friends created a non-profit, and taught people in Uganda how to crochet.

Their store, Krochet Kids, sells the hats these women are making. And because they’re a non-profit, all the money goes back to the artisans. Every hat is crocheted with the name of the woman who made it. And, you can look up her story on their site here.

This business just makes me happy, and I hope you can head over there and pick up a new hat for yourself. These guys are doing so much good, with such a simple idea!

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