Global Goods’ Fair Trade School Fundraisers

When I was in elementary school, we would occasionally sign up to go door-to-door, selling things to help raise money for the band, or the girls’ baseball team, or whatever after-school program was currently in a financial crisis.

Of course, in Louisiana, in the 1980s, our selling choices were limited. We generally sold holiday wrapping paper, gigantic tins of sugary-coated popcorn, or boxes of cookies. Add this mediocre products into a drab route in 100+ degree temperature, and 100% humidity, and you’ll get a good look at my childhood. :)

However, gone are the days when kids are peddling products they, and their parents, wouldn’t ordinarily buy. Gone are the days when you even have to go door-to-door. Today’s kids have it made. They can choose to sell really cool, handmade fair trade items from Global Goods. Take a look at just some of the awesome fair trade products that are available for school fundraisers.

Is your jaw on the floor? Mine ways. All these products are really cool, and they’re also 100% fair trade.

What’s so cool about the Global Goods School Fundraising Program is that it’s all online. Your school or program simply signs up. Then people go to the site, pick out what they want, indicate the school or program they’re buying for, and then check out. The school gets 40% of each purchase price, and Global Goods gets money to help disadvantaged women all around the world. The program also supports the women that make all these amazing products.

You can find out more information on how to sign up your own school or program by heading here.

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