Eco-Friendly, Fair Trade Backpacks for Back to School

It never fails. When I walk into a store like Target and see pencils, erasers, lunch boxes, and notebooks, I’m always in a state of shock. Where did the summer go? Are kids really about to start catching the school bus in the morning? Are our sun-dimpled lazy afternoons soon to be a thing of the past?

It appears so. I’ve seen the pencils, notebooks, and lunch boxes waiting patiently for their new owners in the aisles of Target. It’s back-to-school time.

Although we all might be experiencing a small twinge of sadness at the impending death of summer, we have to be strong. Fall is great! And one of the best things about back to school/Fall shopping, for both kids and adults, is getting a new backpack. As long as you have to buy a backpack, why not opt for one that’s fair trade and eco-friendly? It just makes sense. Here are a few of my favorites.

1. Earth Divas’ Recycled Rice Backpack

There’s a good reason why I feature our Recycled Rice Bag Backpack each year. I have one myself, and I love it. It’s sturdy, it’s roomy, it’s cool looking, and best of all it’s eco friendly and fair trade. What’s not to love?

2. Maggie Bags Recycled Seatbelts Backpack

These Maggie Bags backpacks are made from recycled seatbelts. I love this bag because it’s stylish, unique, and of course, eco-friendly. It’s probably not a bag that would work for young school-aged children, however. It seems better suited as a high school or college bag, or even a stylish fall purse.

3. Mimi the Sardine Organic Kids Backpack

I love this fun colorful organic backpack from Mimi the Sardine! Can’t you just see your 1st grader traipsing off to school with this cute bag? There are several designs and fun colors available with this bag.

4. Recycled PET Laptop Bag

This sleek, more understated bag by GreenSmart is made out of recycled PET plastics. It took 26 plastic bottles to make this bag! it would be great for high school or college students because it also has a laptop sleeve inside.

I have a soft suitcase made with recycled PET plastics, and it is STURDY. This bag will last you a really long time, even with some heavy wear and tear.

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