The Many Impacts of Fair Trade, Part 3

In this country, it’s very difficult to imagine not being able to send our kids to school. But stop and think about it a moment: imagine being a mother forced with an agonizing choice…your family is not going to make it unless you have additional income coming in. Do you send your daughter to school [...]

The Many Impacts of Fair Trade: Part 2

So I’ve been outlining some of the many benefits of fair trade, and in the last post in this series I focused on the benefit women see when you buy a fair trade item.
Today I want to look at how fair trade alleviates poverty, and becomes a powerful, transformational force of good in struggling communities.
Alleviating [...]

The Many Impacts of Fair Trade, Part 1

Here in this country, it’s easy to look at a label that says “fair trade” and forget what those two words really mean. But I think it’s important to constantly stress just how much good fair trade does for people thousands of miles away.
So, I’m going to be writing several posts over the next few [...]

Eco-Friendly Fall Wardrobe Essentials

Chances are, you’re starting to stow away your shorts, sandals, and tanks, and drag out your sweaters, jackets, tights, and boots.
Fall starts officially in just a few days, and in many parts of the country (Michigan included!) it’s really starting to feel like it! The leaves are starting to change, the mornings are chilly, and [...]

Fair Trade Federation’s 2013 Fair Trade Calendar Now Available

Each year, the Fair Trade Federation sells a beautiful calendar to raise money and spread awareness. And, the 2013 calendar is now available!
I’m really excited for this year’s calendar because the photography is always stunning. There’s also plenty of great information about fair trade within the calendar itself. According to the FTF, the 2013 calendar [...]

Some New Fair Trade Bags

I love it so much when we get new designs up at Earth Divas! We’ve recently put up some wonderful fair trade handbags that are perfect for back to school and crisp autumn afternoons. Here’s a look at some of my favorites!
1. RainDrops Sling Bag

I love this new sling bag because it has raindrops and [...]

Some Fair Trade Chocolate Might Not be Fairly Traded

When you buy a fair trade chocolate bar, it’s usually safe to assume that it’s made with fair trade cocoa beans. However, according to Bill Keeling, md of London-based chocolate producer Prestat, and quoted in, not all fair trade chocolate is truly made from fair trade ingredients.
Here’s how it works, at least in the [...]

Eco Friendly Yoga Gear

Did you know that September is National Yoga Month? Yeah, me neither. But I was excited to learn about this morning, because I love yoga so much! While I’ve always been committed to physical fitness, it became even more important after I turned 30.
After I hit that milestone, my metabolism seemed to disappear. If I [...]