Eco Friendly Yoga Gear

Did you know that September is National Yoga Month? Yeah, me neither. But I was excited to learn about this morning, because I love yoga so much! While I’ve always been committed to physical fitness, it became even more important after I turned 30.

After I hit that milestone, my metabolism seemed to disappear. If I don’t exercise, I put on weight really quickly. I also just feel bad when I don’t exercise; my energy and mood drops, I’m less focused, and I don’t feel good about myself. The remedy is so simple: exercise every day!

Yoga is a wonderful exercise because it’s gentle on the body, and it helps keep my mind and spirit balanced. I can’t imagine going back to running or working out in a gym. Yoga keeps me lean, flexible, and happy.

If you’d like to get into yoga, here are some eco friendly yoga essentials to consider.

1. Gaim Cork Yoga Bricks

Gaim’s Cork Yoga Bricks are an eco-friendly alternative to their plastic ones. You can also get yoga blocks made from recycled plastic.

2. Jade Recycled Yoga Mats

Jade’s eco friendly yoga mat is a great choice because it’s not made from plastic, or even recycled plastic. It’s made from natural rubber. Plus whenever you buy a mat from them, they plant a tree.

3. Recycled Yoga Mat Bag

Gaim’s Recycled Yoga Mat bag is eco friendly because it’s made from recycled plastic bottles.

Final Word

Yoga is a wonderful way to stay in shape, especially in the cold winter months ahead. And all you really need to get started is a good DVD (I recommend Rodney Yee’s Power Yoga, which you can get on Amazon or at Target), and a mat.

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