Helping Girls Around the World

Today I was listening to the BBC News on NPR, and they did a moving piece about how hard it is for girls in Palestine to go to school. They interviewed a young woman, aged 15, who lives in a particularly conservative part of northern Palestine. She’s rare in that her father actually has allowed [...]

More New Fair Trade Bags!

We’ve been getting in tons of new fair trade bags just in time for the holiday gift season. Some of our new bags are elegant, while others are fun and whimsical. So I wanted to share a few of my favorites with you!
1. Ethnic Purple Hobo Bag

I love the wave-like detail on our fair [...]

Why We Love Emma Watson

I’ve seen Emma Watson in some great films, my favorite of which is “My Week with┬áMarilyn.” She is as talented as she is beautiful, but all of us at Earth Divas love Ms. Watson for another reason. She has been a tireless campaigner for fair trade, sustainable, and ethical fashion.
In 2009 and 2010, Watson collaborated [...]

We’ve Heard on the Grapevine…

Here at Earth Divas we’ve been doing some serious outreach to spread the word about our fair trade bags. And, we’ve heard some exciting new on the grapevine that I wanted to share quickly. Our bags might be featured on the hit ABC show, “Modern Family“.
I’ll keep all of you updated as soon as we [...]

Our New Tailoring School in Nepal

Did you know that in Nepal, tailors make significantly more money than regular sewers? And that predominantly, men are trained as tailors and women are trained to be regular sewers?
This means that it’s easier for men to be employed. And, they earn far more money than women do. This keeps women in a perpetual cycle [...]

Fair Trade Bags for the Holidays

It’s hard to imagine that the holiday season is only a couple of months away. Soon, we’ll be heading out to Thanksgiving feasts and holiday parties.
I wanted to highlight a few of our fair trade bags that I thought would look lovely with a bright or elegant holiday outfit.
1. Cotton Modern Eco Handbag

Our grey and [...]

Fun New Fair Trade Bags!

Well, if you need some fair trade gift ideas for the upcoming holiday season, we have some great ideas at Earth Divas, especially if you’re shopping for kids! We’ve just got in a ton of fun, new, colorful fair trade bags and I can’t wait to share them with you!
1. Fair Trade Zebra Bag

I love [...]

Why We Should Be Buying Recycled Jewelry

I heard a report on ┬áNational Public Radio a couple of days ago that broke my heart, and made me realize that I can’t, and will not, ever buy new gold jewelry again.
The report came out of Nigeria, where the worst case of lead poisoning in recent history is taking place. In Northern Nigeria, 400 [...]