Demand for Fair Trade Keeps Growing!

It’s amazing to me that just ten years ago, most people didn’t know what “fair trade” was. However, the last decade has proven to be a boon for the fair trade industry. Thanks to hundreds, and even thousands, of public awareness campaigns, and the rising awareness of social responsibility, today many consumers understand what fair trade is, and how important it is to purchase fair trade items.

According to the latest Ethical Consumer Markets Report from the Co-operative Group, a UK organization, sales of fair trade items in the UK have skyrocketed to 50 million pounds per year. The biggest areas of growth have been in fair trade goods and sustainable fish.

Here in the US, Fair Trade USA reports that fair trade sales were up a whopping 75% in 2011. The fastest areas of growth have been in fair trade certified products that can be purchased easily in a food or drugstore. So, items like fair trade coffee, chocolate, and bananas are a hit here. Other categories, such as fair trade frozen desserts, grew by almost 400%, due in large part to Ben and Jerry’s fair trade ice cream. Fair Trade USA also found that having a “fair trade certified” label on your products increased sales by at least 10%.

Here at Earth Divas, we’re proud to be a member of the Fair Trade Federation. And, we’re looking forward to a lot of exciting new happenings for 2013! I’ll be writing about many of these new developments soon, so stay tuned. And, thanks to all of you for supporting fair trade, and making a real difference in 2012!

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