Tom’s Ticket to Give Campaign

So yesterday I wrote about some of the great Spring styles that one of my favorite companies, Tom’s, has come out with recently. However, I had no idea they were involved with a really exciting and wonderful social awareness campaign.
It’s called Ticket to Give. Here’s what’s happening: Tom’s wants to take 50 people with them [...]

New Toms for Spring!

Tom’s is one of my favorite companies, for several reasons. First, their shoes and flats are wonderfully stylish and comfortable; any company who can marry comfort and style get an A+ in my book.
However, a more important reason why I love Tom’s is because they have huge heart, and they are committed to making a [...]

Fair Trade Adventure Bags

February is often the longest month to get through, even though it’s the shortest one of the year. Every time this month rolls around I start dreaming of traveling some place exotic like Nepal, Costa Rica, India, or Thailand. I yearn for different foods, different cultures, different dress, and different people. This world is so [...]

Common Foods Made with Child Labor

Last night PBS Newshour ran a disturbing story about a product I’d never given much thought to before: palm oil.
Palm oil is most often found in pre-packaged and pre-made foods. And because I rarely eat these foods, this innocuous sounding ingredient really wasn’t on my radar. But it sure is now.
What Is Palm Oil?
Palm oil is a [...]

Gypsy Bags I Love

There’s something I’ve always loved about the gypsy look. It’s flowing, free, and effortless. Gypsies mix dark, smoldering colors with bright floral prints, and they have an air of mystery about them that makes you wonder why they are, where they’ve been, and where they’re going.

I’ve been travelling across the country since mid-November, and I [...]

Raising Awareness about Fair Trade Coffee, and Songbirds

Several years ago (read, eight or more) I went to a concert in Boston. It was a concert by two of my favorite artists at the time: John Mayer, and Bonnie Raitt. They were performing together to benefit the Songbird Foundation.
The Songbird Foundation seeks to raise awareness about the importance of fair trade, shade grown [...]

More Fair Trade Bags for Spring

Are you counting down the days until Spring? I sure am! It seems as if this winter has been especially long, and if you’re in the Upper Midwest I’m sure it’s been even longer.
1. Sunset Fair Trade Bag

Our Cotton Fair Trade Bag is my first pick for this post for several reasons. First, I’m currently [...]

Tips for Buying Ethical Jewelry

Valentine’s Day is just a few short weeks away. Lots of people have jewelry on the brain this time of year; people want to show their love, and jewelry is a wonderful way to do that.
I think jewelry speaks to people because it’s so personal. We have to wear clothing, but adorning ourselves with jewelry [...]