Fair Trade Adventure Bags

February is often the longest month to get through, even though it’s the shortest one of the year. Every time this month rolls around I start dreaming of traveling some place exotic like Nepal, Costa Rica, India, or Thailand. I yearn for different foods, different cultures, different dress, and different people. This world is so wonderfully diverse, and I want to see all of it!

In the spirit of my adventurous gypsy spirit today, I wanted to highlight some Earth Divas bags that I would love to take traveling with me. To me, these bags all have the same rugged, earthy, gypsy feel (and, you can see more of my favorite gypsy bags here.)

1. Recycled Rice Bag Backpack

Our Recycled Rice Bag Backpack is one of my favorite bags for traveling because it’s really roomy and made to last. I’ve hauled this bag all over, from San Francisco to Barcelona, and it’s never let me down. So, it’s my #1 pick for a travel bag!

2. Sanskrit Hobo Bag

Our Sanskrit Hobo Bag would make a wonderful adventure bag because again, it’s roomy, and the strap is long enough to work well as a cross-body bag, which is always safer to protect against thieves.

3. The Weekend Getaway Bag

I call this the Weekend Getaway Bag because it’s the perfect size and style for a quick weekend adventure! This is the kind of bag you’d take for a few nights in a sumptuous bed and breakfast, or a night away with someone special.

Where is your next adventure going to be?

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