Fair Trade, Recycled Shopping Bags

It was a hard habit to develop, but I’m finally at the point where I remember my reusable shopping bags almost every time I go to the store. And, I love to see that I’m not the only one. It seems like the people bringing reusable bags are almost equal to the people using plastic.
That’s [...]

Bright and Colorful Hobo Bags

Despite all the writing I’ve done on our new summer bags, I’m still not done! We have a beautiful line of bright and colorful hobo bags that are perfect for early summer. To me, the lines and designs of these bags are very much inspired by modern-day India. I can imagine that our artisans in [...]

Fair Trade USA’s New Labeling — Confusing and Wrong

Imagine picking up a box of brownie mix that is labeled fair trade. This is a purchase that you can feel good about, right?
Well, that’s a puzzling question to consider. What if you knew that the sugar, milk, and flour in the mix, the three ingredients that make up the largest percentage of the brownie, [...]

Lessons From Bangladesh: The High Cost of Cheap Clothes

Several weeks ago in Bangladesh, an overcrowded garment factory collapsed in the middle of a work day, killing over 1,100 workers. I remember that in the days and weeks following the tragedy, that number kept climbing. And as it climbed, my anger, heartbreak, and frustration climbed as well.
A tragedy like this is always senseless. All [...]

Elegant and Stylish Fair Trade Bags

Many of our new bags are perfect for summer. They’re made with poppy, bright colors, and have shapes and lines that are more at home at a music festival than the office or a night out on the town.
However, not all of our new bags are like a summer afternoon; we have several bags that [...]

Growing Industrial Hemp Here in the US is a Good Idea

Did you know that hemp was one of the earliest domesticated crops in the world?
Here in the States, hemp was a¬†mandatory¬†crop at the Jamestown colony. However, it’s banned now, which is kind of ironic because our Declaration of Independence was actually drafted on hemp paper.
This ban is also a shame because hemp is an amazing [...]