Eco Friendly Backpacks for Back to School

Every year, come late July, those three little words start popping up everywhere…”Back to School.” I start seeing bright yellow pencils, single-subject notebooks, and snowy white bottles of glue lined up neatly on store shelves. I also start seeing parents eyeing eco-friendly lunchboxes, water bottles, and backpacks.
The backpacks we make here at Earth Divas are [...]

Fair Trade Clothing? The Sustainable Apparel Coalition is Working On It…

For decades now we’ve had fair trade labeling and certification for food. However, the fair trade industry is still lacking a certification and labeling system for apparel. And, this is just what the Sustainable Apparel Coalition is trying to change.
This non-profit organization is trying to change the way the apparel industry treats its workers, and [...]

More Upcycling Ideas from Pinterest

If I wasn’t careful, I could literally spend hours a day scrolling through Pinterest. There are so many beautiful pictures and amazing ideas on there!
I have a Board for DIY and Upcycling ideas (you can follow me at HemingwayLove.) And, I wanted to highlight some of my favorite upcycling projects in case you’re getting ready [...]

Fair Trade Pre-Fall Bags

Right now, it’s the middle of July. We’re in the apex of summer, at a time when lightening bugs still hold sway, thunderstorms roll through in the afternoons to freshen things up, and you spend more time barefooted than you do wearing shoes. This time of year is full of lazy picnics, tree swings, open [...]

Fair Trade Travel Bags

I love travelling. I love packing just the bare necessities into a few bags and setting off to a new place.
Travelers often go through a predictable dilemma. If you pack super light you don’t have to lug around a bunch of heavy carry-on bags. But packing light also means that you’re missing several items that will make your [...]

New Favorite Eco-Shopping Site: Lydali

This week I stumbled onto an eco and ethical shopping site that I am now madly in love with. The site is Lydali. And I can show you, in pictures, what they stand for.

Put simply, Lydali pulls together artisans from all over the world and promises them a fair wage for the beautiful items they [...]