Fair Trade Travel Bags

I love travelling. I love packing just the bare necessities into a few bags and setting off to a new place.

Travelers often go through a predictable dilemma. If you pack super light you don’t have to lug around a bunch of heavy carry-on bags. But packing light also means that you’re missing several items that will make your flight more comfortable.

You can choose to carry a larger bag, but this can turn into a trial when you have to unload practically everything at security. However, it means you have all your necessaries for a comfortable trip.

So what camp do you fall into? Personally, when I travel I take a bare minimum of clothing; usually only a backpack’s full (even if I’m gone for two weeks.) I’ll carry a hobo-style bag for the flight itself. And I’ll pack a super small purse for my day-to-day walking around where ever I’m going.

If I were headed on a trip, these are some of our newest bags I would take along.

1. Lace Hobo

I love our new Lace Hobo bag. This is the kind of bag that makes a perfect carry-on bag. There’s room for a sweater (because every plane is an icebox,) a bottle of water, a great book, some lotion (because the average humidity on a plane is drier than the Sahara Desert — that’s not an exaggeration,) an iPod or tablet, and your wallet.

I also love the style and coloring of this bag; it’s like a gypsy carpet bag!

2. Four Zip Passport Bag

Our new Four Zip Passport Bags are perfect for travel because they’re big enough for the bare essentials, but small enough so that they don’t get too heavy when you’re walking around for hours in a new city.

Travel tip: It’s always best to travel with a purse that has a long strap like this. You should always wear the purse cross-body (rather than just hanging off your shoulder) so that thieves can run by and snatch it. Another way they do this is to zip past on a moped or scooter and grab bags. So, purses with long straps are a must-have when you travel.

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