My Favorite Fair Trade Baskets

If you’ve walked through any farmer’s market, Whole Foods, or Earth Fare, then you’ve likely see the colorful, handwoven baskets for sale there. These fair trade market baskets are beautiful to look at, and like many fair trade items, chances are it was woven by a woman struggling to feed her family.

I love looking at these baskets, and I’m ready to own one myself. So, I wanted to highlight a few of my favorite fair trade baskets that I’m thinking about getting.

1. Fair Trade Bicycle Basket

This colorful fair trade bike basket is sold through SERVV. It was woven by women working with Trade Aid Integrated, a non-profit organization in Ghana. These women are located in 17 communities throughout Ghana.

2. Bridge to Africa Fruit Basket

Bridge to Africa is part of the Earth Divas’ Divas4Divas initiative, and it’s a wonderful organization worthy of all our support! This amazing basket is handwoven by women in Swaziland using local lutindzi grass. The fair wage they earn by selling these baskets through the Gone Rural organization helps feed their families; these women also have access to health and education benefits through the organization.

3. Fair Trade Market Tote

This beautiful fair trade market tote is sold by Ten Thousand Villages. I love this tote because it’s definitely big enough for all my fruits and veggies at farmer’s market. I also love the open pinwheels that circle the basket! The basket is handwoven by women with Rishilpi Development, a non-profit organization who helps organize women in the Rishi caste of Bangladesh, and gives them the power to sell their handwoven goods around the world.

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