They’re Classics for a Reason

Throughout the summer, I’ve been spending quite a bit of time here on the blog talking about our newest line of fair trade bags. It’s always fun to see the new designs our artisans come up with, and I love highlighting their talent here on the blog!

But, we do have some bags that are persistent best-sellers. Some designs come and go, but these particular bags are always popular with customers. Here are a few of my favorite best-sellers.

1. Wool Crewel Work Bag

The craftsmanship on our Wool Crewel Bags is amazing; these bags are vibrant, colorful, and high-quality. You can tell just by looking at this bag that the artist put a ton of time in to make it. This is why our Wool Crewel Work bags is a huge best-seller here at Earth Divas.

2. Long Handled Embroidered Bag

Our Long Handled Embroidered Bag is similar to the Wool Crewel bags in that the embroidery and craftsmanship is amazing.

3. Sanskrit Hobo

Our Sanskrit Hobo is very much like a gypsy bag. With its black fringe and edgy look, this popular bag is perfect for festivals or a long afternoon touring a city.

4. Cotton Modern Eco Handbag

I think it was early fall of last year that this line of Cotton Modern Eco Handbags came out, and they’ve been a best-seller ever since. I think it’s because they’re classic, simple, and lightweight, and still very stylish and modern.

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