Fair Trade Bags Fit for the Woods

Now that September is finally here, you can really tell fall is on its way. The nights are cool and crisp, the sun shines bright and clear during the day and, at least here in the mountains, the leaves are slowly starting to show the first signs of change.

I’ve been taking every opportunity to get outside to go hiking. Where I live in the Appalachians there is an abundance of places to go…I could live here a lifetime and never see them all!

The key to a successful day out in the woods is to go prepared. I don’t leave home without the essentials like food, water, a compass, insect spray, binoculars, cell phone, map, knife, and a journal.

If you’re itching to get outside in the woods to enjoy fall’s beautiful colors, then think about taking one of these great outdoor bags, perfect companions for a day of hiking and exploring.

1. Southwest Style Backpack

What I love most about our Southwest Style Backpack (besides how cool it looks) is its weight. It’s really light, which makes it a perfect bag to take with you out on a hike. This bag also comes in lighter pastels, which you can see below.

2. Recycled Bike Tire Tube Cross-Body Bag

When it’s hot, sometimes I don’t want to carry a backpack into the woods. And this has certainly been the case the past couple of weeks! On days like this, I prefer to carry a shoulder bag, like our Recycled Bike Tire Tube Cross-Body Bag.

This bag is great because it’s lightweight, and it’s the perfect size for a water bottle, a healthy snack, and your camera. This is one of my favorite bags we have right now!

3. Green Triangle Backpack

Our Green Triangle Backpack has a really unique and fun shape, and it’s a perfect hiking backpack. It’s rugged, and has plenty of room and pockets to store all your gear.

The picture below is of a small waterfall I came across on last weekend’s hike. Beautiful! So, go grab a bag and head out into the woods while it’s still warm and sunny outside!

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