Make a Purchase That Matters

At EarthDivas we give 100% of the profits made to the artisans who create our products. Our goal is to help businesses grow and to give back to the artisans who work hard to make beautiful products. Our products are also handmade, fair trade and green.

Artisans We Work With

We work with businesses in Nepal. This is because in developing countries like this most craft items are handmade, mostly by women.  We want to help women’s skills grow and together create thriving craft businesses. The ladies we work with can be taught new skills at our tailoring school and will receive a job in the artisan community. Here are some of the women that EarthDivas have been working with. Each of these women has been given the skills and confidence to earn money from crafting.

Make a Purchase That Matters

By purchasing products from EarthDivas you are not only going to receive a trendy product but you are also helping to empower women in a developing country, because of shoppers like you women can provide for their families. We are a proud member of Fair trade and are proud to work with talented artisans.

It is not just because of the wonderful opportunities the business offers that makes our products must buys. Our products are also friendly to the planet. We care about our planet, the environment and everybody in it.  Our planet is under pressure and we are using up more resources than the earth can cope with. Together we can turn this around. By thinking about what we buy and how we live, we can help the planet. By buying handmade items that are dyed with vegetables we can have beautiful items that are not damaging to the earth. With EarthDivas you can make a purchase that truly does matter.

Moving Forward

EarthDivas make regular trips to Nepal. This is to ensure that artisans are working in a positive environment, to check on materials, to create new designs and more. On the last trip to Nepal Ed from EarthDivas met up with Ganesh. Ganesh has worked with EarthDivas for over 10 years, on this visit he explains about hemp fiber. How he dyes the hemp and weaves it into fabric. The hemp is dyed with vegetable dye which makes crafted items natural, green and looking stylish.

We want to move forward with Ganesh and hemp fabrics. That is why we will have a new collection of hemp bags available in the coming spring. We will keep you updated about these beautiful new bags. You can have a look at the video on our Facebook page here.

Visit the EarthDivas website to take a look at our handmade products. There is something for everyone from stylish to quirky. We will keep you updated on the blog about new collections, trips to Nepal, fair trade news and more. You can also visit our Facebook page that is full or articles, events and more.

Thank you for supporting EarthDivas and the many artisans we work with.

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