The Tree of Life

The tree of life is a symbol that appears on jewelry, bags and more. The design varies and it has a deep meaning across a variety of cultures. So, what is this popular tree symbol and what does it mean?

Tree of Life Meaning

This symbol has been seen throughout history, right back to ancient times. Each culture does have their own interpretation of the symbol but the strong tree design is always present. A tree is used because of its growth, links to nature and the cycle it undertakes. All these factors make it a symbol of history, ancestry, life and more. The way the trunk grows from a seed and then branches off into smaller branches and then into twigs is a symbol of life and how it progresses.

The tree also symbolizes connection. A tree’s roots are connected to the soil, the trunk is connected to branches and the branches reach up to the sky. The tree is connected to both mother earth and the energy of the sun. This can be said for life to. We are connected to the world around use and need other people to thrive.

Trees can also be used as a symbol of how we grow as people. Trees begin the same and grow. However, events such as storms can whither the trees. The same can be said for people. We start out the same and different experiences make us grow into different people. Like the tree we hold on to what makes us strong through stormy times.

In some cultures, the tree is also a symbol of rebirth. When the trees lose all their leaves, they regrow in the new season. This makes the tree a symbol of positivity and of a brighter future. It can be a new start to life.

The Main Message

The tree of life has many meanings and ideas behind it. So, you can interpret how you like. The major themes behind this symbol are life, connection, positivity and rebirth.

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